GcMAF and Supporting Products

GcMAF and the supporting products that assist its assimilation in the body

  • High Dose GcMAF 2.5ml multi-dose vials (1500ng/0.5ml

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    * Each multi-dose vial contains at least 4 doses GcMAF at 0.5ml/dose with 0.5ml extra GcMAF per vial.
    * Keep vials refrigerated at 2-8 °C.

    IMPORTANT: You need to take a 1000 Vit D tablet a day plus a 100gram liquid drop at the same time as injection or tablets.

    We recommend changing the type of Vit D every other day.

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  • Oral Colostrum GcMAF in Enteric capsules

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    Oral Colostrum GcMAF

    Oral Colostrum GcMAF is a food produced from colostrum which contains immune cells and many antibodies and it helps boost the immune system.
    Test below found that 100ng Oral Colostrum MAF and 10ng first generation GcMAF is almost the same in activation.
    Therefore, it is expected that using 10 times as much colostrum MAF will bring the same effect as the first generation GcMAF. Oral Colostrum MAF contains 200ng per capsule.
    So if one capsule a day is taken, it is expected to gain the same effect as the first generation GcMAF. But it is still under investigation. It should be possible to contain 1500ng per capsule.
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  • Vitamin D3 1000 ( in Rice Bran Oil) 240 CAPS

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    Bone & immune health


    Vitamin D3 1000 in rice bran oil is a high strength vitamin D3 supplement, providing the bioactive form of vitamin D, cholecalciferol, that is formed naturally in the body.

    • Bone health
    • Healthy immune system
    • Maintains healthy mood

    Available in 120 caps and 240 caps


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  • Balance-D™

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    Sisel is setting a new standard in the category of fiber by creating Balance-D. Fiber is important to everyone’s diet, but there are other basic elements that are often overlooked that are vital to a healthy gastrointestinal tract. These elements are prebiotic, probiotics, fiber, and Vitamin D. Balance-D combines all of these, creating a synergistic blend that offers optimal digestive support.

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